About HFG

Tammy Lynn Michaels- The Hollywood Farm Girl was born on November 26, 1974 in Indiana. She moved to NYC at 18 to pursue her dream of acting. After booking many commercials she moved to Los Angeles and 2 weeks later her career catapulted after she landed the “Nicole Julian” role on the show “Popular”. After the show ended she booked roles on other TV shows such as "The L Word", "Committed" and "That 80’s Show". After a successful acting career, Tammy decided to focus on family and gave birth to the loves of her life, twins-Miller and Johnnie Rose. Her love for painting and jewelry making grew immensely while staying at home caring for her twins. Once word was out and people started seeing her work, she received hundreds of requests from locals for custom artwork and jewelry.  When the requests started coming in from out of state, she knew it was time for a website. So here we are. Welcome to Hollywood Farm Girl! 

 Tammy currently lives in Los Angeles with her wife and their 4 children.